Thunri Marblegut

The retired hero, Councillor of Garuhm


Marblegut used to travel the world having adventures worth the songs and books written about him and his companions. Retired, he advises the Council of Garuhm, a group of wise Dwarves who govern the largest Dwarven city above ground.


Thunri was a dwarf barely a century old when he began to hunt fantastic creatures. No one in the world knows more about the fauna of Primada than Thunri Marblegut. Thunri teamed up with several other adventurers over the course of his life before settling down as a Council member in Garuhm, his home town.

Thunri was a hero of war in centuries past, but he doesn’t talk much about those days anymore. He did write several books on his perspectives, available at the library of Garuhm.

Thunri Marblegut

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